Stay Apart


Would you spend, just for a change in your life, 

what you didn't have forseen and don't want to remind.

To speed up the strange behaivior, 

of foreign thoughts and views, 

remembering all the time who is you.


You might feel lost and drown in longigs you 

holding tight and strong, until you realize, 

it's not you who won.


The game of life, the game of change,

it's shadow always following your way, 

wherever you'll stay.


Be sure, you're dead when you're alive just because 

this circle will never close, will never be as 

round as you expect.

Except you're strong enough to mind the gap between 

yourself and all the beloved right beside you.


The questions in your head just disappear once you 

have realized, living to live until the answers 

move straight to your brain and back to heart.


And stay apart.